Vulnerabilities and hackers

Vulnerabilities and hackers

threat_ill_14Software vulnerabilities
Many of today’s threats exploit software vulnerabilities in order to spread. Learn more about what vulnerabilities are, what the most common vulnerabilities are, and how to fix them.

threat_ill_32How to detect a hacker attack
Hackers may try and access your computer to get access to your data or to use your computing resources for illegal activity. This section provides information on the signs and symptoms of a hacker attack.

threat_ill_24A brief history of hacking
Computer systems have always been targeted by people seeking either to improve security or exploit loopholes. This timeline gives an overview of major events in the evolution of computing along with the evolution of hacking.

threat_ill_34Hackers and the law
Government and law enforcement bodies around the world address the problem of cybercrime with legislation. Find out more about how these laws are used to convict hackers who gain illegal access to systems and data.

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