Knowledge Base

In the Knowledge Base, you will find various articles about common threats, a general classification of malware and unwanted messages, and a brief historical overview of the evolution of these and many other threats.

The Knowledge Base now has three main sections:

– The Detectable Objects section gives detailed information about malicious and potentially dangerous programs that we protect users against every single day all around the world, as well as advice on what to do in case of infection.

– In the Spam and Phishing section, you will learn about phishing and spam mailings, how their creators earn money from them, and how this type of threat has evolved since the 1990s to the present day.

– The articles in the Vulnerabilities and Hackers section is devoted to the topic of software vulnerabilities and how cybercriminals exploit them, as well as legislation and hackers in the broad sense of the word.

Internal threats now pose a major problem in terms of IT security. In order to protect corporate systems and data, it’s vital to understand what constitutes an internal threat.