Spam and phishing

threat_ill_04What is spam?
If you use email, you’ll have encountered spam. But do you know where the term comes from, and why it’s used to refer to unwanted email? This section provides more details.

threat_ill_01What is phishing?
Phishing attacks are commonly used by cybercriminals. This section contains examples of phishing attacks, and advice on how to protect yourself and your data against this type of threat.

threat_ill_03Types of spam
Spam comes in many different varieties, ranging from advertizing of legitimate goods and services to political propaganda to Internet scams. Read on to find out more about the most common types of spam.

threat_ill_22How to reduce spam
Spam isn’t only a nuisance, but can pose a threat to your computer or your data. This section provides simple, practical guidelines on how you can reduce the amount of spam you receive.

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